"Our aim is to provide the highest standard of foot care that incorporates evidence based research and a holistic approach to the diagnosis and management plan of our patients. Our practice is commited to promoting foot related wellness and disease prevention to all of our patients"

Our Journey

In 2006 Tristan Fairbairn graduated as a podiatrist from La Trobe University and soon established the foundations of the Brimbank Foot & Ankle Clinic. Being raised in Keilor, he saw the creation of the clinic as the ideal opportunity to allow his community to have access  to professional and quality footcare. Over the last eleven years the clinic has now grown to four locations within the municipality of Brimbank and beyond.

Tristan Fairbairn and his fully qualified podiatrists can diagnose and treat all foot and ankle concerns including; heel & foot pain, ingrown nails, sporting injuries, corns and calluses. Tristan and his team are committed to keeping you and your family on their feet!

As a patient of our clinic not only do you benefit from extensive experience and professional qualifications, you will receive personalised treatment and individual care that takes into consideration your unique circumstances and lifestyle.

We can treat

Heel pain

Plantar fasciitis

Heel spurs

Achilles pain

Ankle pain

Ankle sprains

Ankle instability

Tendinopathies and tendonitis

Mortons neuroma



Intermetatarsal bursitis


​Claw toes

Collapsed arches & flat feet

Acquired adult flat foot

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction

Sporting Injuries

Occupational Injuries


​Diabetic wounds

Stress fractures

Sever's disease

Thickened and fungal toe nails

Corns and calluses

Warts and verrucas

Ingrown toenails

​Lisfranc Injuries

To make an appointment to see one of our podiatrists please call

9336 1669

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